IRS Form 8879 - Printable PDF

  • 29 March 2023

Tax season can be a daunting time for many individuals, especially when it comes to filing the necessary forms. One such form, the 8879, may be required by some taxpayers. In this article, we will discuss how to obtain the printable blank PDF, the rules to fill in the form appropriately, how to file the copy correctly, and the due date for submitting the copy.

Obtaining the Printable 8879 Tax Form

The first step in filing your 8879 tax form is to get your hands on the printable blank PDF. This can be easily accessed on the official IRS website, where you will find a comprehensive list of all tax forms including the 8879. Simply search for "Form 8879" and download the PDF version to your computer. Once downloaded, you can easily print the form and start filling it out.

Filling in the Form Appropriately: Key Rules to Follow

To ensure that your printable 8879 form is filled out accurately, follow these essential rules:

  • Always use black or blue ink when filling in the blank 8879 template.
  • Print clearly and legibly to avoid any confusion or misinterpretation.
  • Complete all required fields, even if the information is not applicable to you.
  • Double-check all figures, calculations, and entries to avoid errors.
  • In case of mistakes, do not use correction fluid; instead, cross out the incorrect information and write the correct data above or beside it.
  • Sign and date the document in the designated area.

Filing the 8879 Form Correctly: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once your 8879 tax form is complete, you'll need to file it correctly by following these steps:

  • Verify that all information on the form is correct and complete.
  • If you are filing the document electronically, save the completed example as a PDF and submit it through the IRS e-file system.
  • If you are filing the sample by mail, ensure that it is properly addressed to the appropriate IRS office. You can find the correct mailing address on the IRS website.
  • Make a copy of the completed example for your records before submitting it.

Mark Your Calendar: The 8879 Tax Form Due Date

It is crucial to be aware of the due date for submitting your 8879 tax form to avoid any late penalties. Generally, the form should be filed alongside your individual income tax return. The deadline for filing individual income tax returns is usually April 15th. However, if you have requested an extension to file your return, the 8879 form should be submitted by the extended deadline, typically October 15th.

In conclusion, filing the IRS 8879 form can be a straightforward process if you follow the guidelines provided in this article. By obtaining the printable blank PDF, adhering to the rules for filling in the template, filing it correctly, and being mindful of the due date, you can ensure a seamless and stress-free tax filing experience.

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